100 things to do in life

To-do lists

Everyone dreams and sets goals for themselves. Making a list of 100 things to try in life allows you to have time to do everything you’ve ever wanted to do.

100 things to do in life

One should not confuse career goals with a hundred things to try to do in life. They have nothing to do with position, social status, or position, but are a cherished desire that one wants to fulfill:

A to-do list for life
A to-do list for life
  1. To run barefoot in the pouring rain.
  2. Have a photo shoot.
  3. Go to a music festival.
  4. Make fire with a rock and a stick.
  5. Give up a bad habit.
  6. Shout at the top of your voice into the void.
  7. Find a treasure or hoard.
  8. Learn a foreign language.
  9. Spend an evening stargazing.
  10. Go to a nudist beach.
  11. Go camping with a tent, a campfire, and a guitar.
  12. To travel around the world.
  13. To jump with a parachute.
  14. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  15. Write a letter with both hands (both left and right).
  16. Do something forbidden.
  17. Start a music group.
  18. Find a pen pal.
  19. Overcome a difficulty by learning not only a valuable lesson, but also a benefit.
  20. Attend a carnival.
  21. Bake a huge cake with an abundance of decorations.
  22. Start a diary.
  23. Go scuba diving.
  24. See a snow drift and fall in it, rejoicing like a child.
  25. Dye my hair blond or black.
  26. Learn a poem by heart.
  27. Watch a horror movie alone with the lights off.
  28. Learn not to put off important tasks.
  29. Eat an exotic dish with an unpronounceable name.
  30. See the sunrise on the beach.
  31. Go back in time, for instance, by flying into the country on a Wednesday when it’s still Tuesday.
  32. Have a marathon of your favorite movies.
  33. Get those perfect abs.
  34. Love yourself for who you are.
  35. Read an abstruse book.
  36. Buy an incredibly expensive item.
  37. Throw a surprise party.
  38. Take a ride on a cruise ship.
  39. Set or try to set a Guinness record.
  40. Go to Disneyland in the U.S. or Paris.
  41. Make out in the back row of a movie theater.
  42. See the northern lights.
  43. Help a stranger.
  44. Sing in public at karaoke.
  45. Take a ride in an expensive limousine.
  46. Make your own repairs.
  47. Do a long exercise routine in the morning.
  48. Learn to navigate by the stars.
  49. Feed animals at the zoo.
  50. Visit an island that doesn’t even have a name.
  51. Become someone’s inspiration.
  52. See the new year in all time zones.
  53. To walk in your own footsteps.
  54. Paint graffiti.
  55. Volunteer.
  56. Go hot air ballooning.
  57. Get a pet.
  58. Run a marathon.
  59. Make a speech at an event.
  60. Paint a picture on a wall.
  61. Spend a weekend without the Internet or gadgets.
  62. Grow a houseplant.
  63. Run a marathon.
  64. Forgive your abuser.
  65. Have a romantic evening.
  66. Go to the most scandalous nightclub.
  67. Drink a lot of alcohol.
  68. Make a dramatic change in your image.
  69. Reach the highest point of calm.
  70. Break your temper by breaking dishes.
  71. Jump on a trampoline.
  72. Go to a Tibetan monastery.
  73. Go surfing.
  74. Ride an elephant.
  75. Play a prank on the phone.
  76. Find a mascot.
  77. Go to a private party.
  78. Play a game of chance.
  79. Take part in a talk show.
  80. Go to a costume party.
  81. Learn to do the splits.
  82. Lie on the grass.
  83. Invent your own specialty dish.
  84. Writing a poem or story.
  85. Go for a ride in an open-top car.
  86. Have a pillow fight.
  87. Learn at least two styles of swimming.
  88. Be the main star of the evening.
  89. Put together a commemorative photo album.
  90. Go to the opera and the ballet.
  91. Make and follow a plan for a year.
  92. Go skydiving.
  93. Smoke a cigar.
  94. Let my hair down.
  95. Spend an entire day in the library.
  96. Make a wish in a special place.
  97. Devote an entire day to a loved one.
  98. Attend a motivational training session.
  99. Start your own blog.
  100. Go on a wilderness vacation.

These kinds of 100 things are great motivation and a lifelong endeavor to relive the best moments.

A list of things to do in life

All people have different aspirations. You don’t have to completely repeat what our article suggests. You can always make your own list of 100 things you need to do in life. The main thing is not to limit yourself. Some people want to do solely good things, while others want to have fun. There are those who focus on their studies and their careers.

List of important things to do
List of important things to do

The main thing is to control that each thing is accomplished. This kind of planning is a great incentive. Completing each goal makes you happier. Finished the whole list? Make a new one.

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What is your list of 100 things to do in a lifetime?