100 Wishes: How to Make and Use a Wish List

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Constant dissatisfaction and lack of motivation are the main enemies on the way to happiness and success. To overcome these feelings allows a simple but effective exercise 100 desires which periodically make the list of most successful women. It works both in personal life and in business.

How does the “100 Wishes” list work?

The technique allows you to define your desires and goals, and to get rid of the “I don’t know what I want. It helps to see the main reason for the problem – the inconsistency of dreams. You can want to become a successful businesswoman, work 2-4 hours a week, buy your own apartment and car. Without a proper plan, it’s easy to get confused and be stumped.

Doing this exercise allows you to determine your priorities. It is possible to want many things at once, but it is necessary to choose the most important. When starting to make a list, many people simply do not know what to write after 30-40 wishes. This is an indicator that a person has forgotten how to dream, and contradictions are literally bursting out.

By learning to use the technique, you regain the lost confidence in your own abilities and understand what you need to do to find happiness. Pretty soon inspiration and creative ideas will once again become your constant companions.

"Jar" 100 Wishes
“Jar” 100 Wishes

How do I write it correctly for 100 Wishes and Goals?

To make a checklist, set aside some free time. Be prepared to devote at least 60-90 minutes to it. Put things aside. Turn off distractions – the phone, the TV. Grab a pen and a day planner (notebook).

Setting goals or objectives and meeting them

Features of the visualization board of goals and desires

Get to writing:

  1. Write out five blocks of “wants”: “do”, “try”, “learn”, “have”, “change”.
  2. Be completely honest and sincere. The main enemy in the way of fulfillment of your own dreams is only you.
  3. Set aside the list for 10-20 minutes. Look again at the items you have written. Rate each one on a five-point scale, where 0 is tolerable, 5 is impossible not to think about it. Cross out the unrealistic and unrealizable ones, such as robbing a jewelry store.
  4. Analyze the remaining ones. Pick a few of the five-point (priority) ones. Write out separately or mark with a marker what is more preferable. These are your top goals for the current moment in time. Write out each one step by step. For example, a trip abroad requires a certain amount of money, a passport, a visa, a vacation and so on.
  5. Proceed with the implementation. If the aspiration is defined correctly, nothing can prevent it from being fulfilled and vice versa. Never lie to yourself. Nothing is unattainable. The main thing is to want to.

The list should not have a limited validity period. A year is considered optimal.

A Hundred Wishes for a Girl

The young lady’s checklist allows you to identify the following priorities:

Wishes for a girl and a woman
Wishes for a girl and a woman
  • requirements for the future chosen one;
  • career or marriage;
  • job or a career as a housewife;
  • hobbies, interests;
  • academic priorities.

Some points may be about relationships with parents, boyfriend or fiancé, friends.

100 Wishes for a Woman

As we get older, our priorities change. If a girl is looking for a boyfriend, a woman is looking for a husband or wants to establish relationships in her own family.

The list of “100 Wishes” is more focused on:

  • desires to manage everything at work or at home;
  • To be a successful mother and wife;
  • To be able to rest or travel.

You cannot rule out situations where you want to open a completely new page in your life by changing your profession, city, or country.

The table shows an example of a checklist. For the first time it will be filled with conflicting desires and goals. This is what allows you to isolate the right path to finding happiness.

I want
Make Try Learn Change Have
1. new hair and makeup

2. get up at 8 in the morning

3. go to the gym

4. go skydiving

5. get a pet

6. have a pajama party

7. have an Instagram

8. participate in a photo shoot

9. become popular

10. bake a cake

11. pass the session

12. have breakfast on the terrace

13. go to the sea

14. get rid of excess weight

15. stay in shape all year round

16. have dinner in a restaurant

17. dye hair

18. the most expensive dessert at your favorite cafe

19. become a fashion blogger

20. make yourself a dress

21. make curly curls

23. completely change the image

24. stop fighting with others

25. improve relationships with parents

26. love yourself

27. become focused and goal-oriented

28. get rid of bad habits

29. make new friends

30. go to the coolest parties

31. get into a high-end nightclub

32. scuba diving

33. go to a car party

34. play computer games

35. create your own blog

36. get promoted on Instagram

37. to speak English fluently

38. have patience for others and myself

39. live in harmony with the world

40. delicious cooking

41. sew beautiful clothes

42. make-up and hairstyle by myself

43. manage to do the things planned for the day

44. focus on learning

45. paint

46. take beautiful selfies and photos

47. write fashionable notes and posts

48. correctly pose for the camera

49. find a caring boyfriend/husband

50. move out from my parents

51. make money on my own

52. improve my grades at university

53. stop oversleeping in the morning

54. stay away from social networks until morning

55. learn to speak out

56. to create a trend by myself, not follow the opinion of others

57. to stop being a mouse

58. to become the one who is always invited to parties

59. stop giving in to other people’s opinions

60. tell her parents what she really wants

61. order take-out on the weekends instead of cooking

62. to live by their own rules

63. a separate apartment

64. money for expenses

65. expensive clothes

66. the latest iPhone

67. cool laptop

68. Prada shoes

69. Dior bag

70. mink coat

71. car

72. large closet

73. a collection of expensive perfumes

74. popular Instagram account

75. platinum card

76. money for travel

77. vacation time

77. favorite hobby

78. many friends

79. unforgettable experience

80. high-paying job

81. a handsome boyfriend/husband

82. trendy gadgets

83. successful career

84. motivation for new achievements

85. pet

86. long hair

87. well-groomed nails

88. perfect image

89. faithful girlfriend

90. luxury apartment

91. expensive jewelry

92. healthy relationship

93. a pleasant environment

94. personal fitness instructor

95. access to fashion shows

96. large bedroom

97. hot tub

98. home spa

99. four-poster bed

100. Cartier watch

What is the purpose of such a list?

Why make a list of 100 wishes and goals, how does it work? The exercise is a powerful tool for introspection. You want to learn how to make the right decisions and fulfill your dreams, then you definitely need it. The main thing is to stick to the following key points:

  • Make a list every six to twelve months;
  • Prioritize tasks, turning them into “smart” goals;
  • Apply time planning techniques and build the right chain of actions.

Never limit yourself to making a checklist. Take action. Create a new one every six months or a year, comparing it with the previous one. Don’t forget to cross off what you’ve accomplished.

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