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Bad moods, black streaks in life, when failures seem to pursue at every step – these are moments that even famous, rich, successful people have experienced in their lives. This is confirmed by the best motivational films, based on real events or on the idea of famous screenwriters. They become a real inspiration for many people.

In this article we will look at the best movies that will give a boost of motivation for women and girls, for athletes and teenagers.

Motivational movies for women

Women of the fair sex are not weak. They can stand up for themselves, achieve equality, justice, find the happiness and recognition they deserve. We present you a list of the best movies about strong women:

«Wild» 2014
Rating IMDB 7,1/10
The main character is divorced from her husband, recently suffered her mother’s death, and can’t find herself. She puts on a backpack and embarks on a journey that will change her life.

«English-Winglish» 2012
Rating IMDB 7,8/10
A light and colorful film about a woman who decides to learn English, knowledge of which determines her position in India.

«Desert Flower» 2009
Rating IMDB 7,4/10
Biography of Waris Dirie, the girl from Somalia who became a world-famous model who was forcibly married off at 13 and escaped first from her husband, got to work in London as a maid, was an illegal immigrant, but rose to the top of the fashion Olympus. Today she is a real celebrity.

«Erin Brockovich» 2000
Rating IMDB 7,4/10
Cult picture about a single mother who volunteers part-time at a law office and discovers that the groundwater is contaminated with a carcinogen. With no education, the activist desperately defends the environment and fights the system.

«Million Dollar Baby» 2004
Rating IMDB 8,1/10
The story is about a waitress, Maggie, who wants to become a professional boxer, but no one around her supports this decision, except her best friend. He becomes the girl’s trainer and then introduces her to a real pro.

Each film – a separate story, united by the fact that adversity does not become a barrier to achieving the cherished goal.

Motivational sports movies

Professional sport is all about victories and defeats. Only a few manage to become legends or be remembered for their uncommonness. A selection of the best sports movies invariably includes:

The Man Who Changed Everything

Year of release: 2011
Rating IMDB 7,6/10
The movie is based on true events and tells the story of a young man who implemented a mathematical system for evaluating players and led the Oakland Athletics baseball team to victory.

Legend №17

Year of release: 2013
Rating IMDB 7,5/10
«Legend №17» about Valery Kharlamov. This film will simply win over hockey fans.


Year of release: 2015
Rating IMDB 7,4/10
The movie is about a boxer who lost the love of his life and is distraught with grief, but must pull himself together in order to maintain his relationship with his daughter.


Year of release: 2013
Rating IMDB 8,1/10
In front of the audience unfolds a confrontation between the pilots of Formula 1.

These movies are not just for sports fans, but also for family viewing, allowing them to show the younger generation what real willpower is all about.

Legend №17 movie poster
Legend №17 movie poster

Motivational films about success

Do you want to take action but are afraid? You need motivation, as the following films will tell you:

  • “The Social Network” is about the rise of one of the most successful Internet tycoons and creators of the social network Facebook.
  • “Joy” is about a tired of life and lack of money woman who invented the very “miracle mop,” even though no one ever believed in it.
  • “Jobs” is about the legendary Apple founder and the road he had to travel.
  • “Stephen Hawking Universe” about a genius scientist suffering from an incurable disease.

These movies about success, based on real events, literally inspire new achievements.

A still from Stephen Hawking Universe
A still from Stephen Hawking Universe

Motivational films about business

The ranking of the best business movies according to Forbes magazine included:

  • “Pirates of Silicon Valley”. Motivational film about achieving a goal, the heroes of which are Jobs, Wozniak, Gates. They gave up everything for the sake of making a reality of ideas that seemed fantastic to those around them.
  • “Glenn Ross or The Americans”. A perfect example of how to learn how to make a steady profit in sales even in a highly competitive environment where the number of customers is limited and you have to fight for everyone.
  • “The Wolf of Wall Street”. A real world bestseller, for which the stars of the first magnitude were invited to star. It is based on the memoirs of Belfort (the main character). Here you can see the whole underbelly of brokerage work.
  • “Boiler Room”. A vivid and fascinating story that demonstrates the truth of why some people earn little and others a lot. One can see that business is not always built on honest methods.
  • “Wall Street”. A determined and desperate young man comes under the wing of his idol, but finds himself frustrated by some of the techniques he employs in his work. Through a fascinating story, the viewer receives valuable information about the secrets of trading.

Every entrepreneur should definitely watch these films.

The Wolf of Wall Street - a movie about business
The Wolf of Wall Street – a movie about business

Motivational movies about life

Every day has become like another day. You have lost your former determination and taste for life. This movie is sure to lift your spirits and encourage you to never give up:

  • “Eat, Pray, Love”. It’s never too late to start over and be happy. The main thing is not to be afraid of change. That’s exactly what the heroine of the film decided and she was not wrong.
  • “The Lion”. Lost as a boy in India, he found a new home in Australia, but found his birth family years later.
  • “Where Dreams Lead.” A beautiful and sad phantasmagoria that will make you reconsider how you feel about life.
  • “1+1”. A movie about friendship that defies all explanations and can work miracles.
  • “Till I Play the Box”. A film about the need to appreciate life, because it is only one.

After watching these films you will see many things in a different light.

Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem in Eat, Pray, Love
Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem in Eat, Pray, Love

The best motivational films about studying

Watching the film below, the viewer will definitely want to continue to learn, learn new things and do not stop before any difficulties:

  • “Dangerous Thoughts”. A high school English teacher, and former Marine, tries to reach out to children from dysfunctional families and neighborhoods by proving that they are the makers of their own destiny.
  • “Mona Lisa’s Smile.” The main character shows her female students that gender doesn’t matter. Training in IT and other professions is available to everyone and even a woman can succeed in any industry with the right knowledge.
  • “Nurturing Feelings”. Love is not a reason to drop out. It can pass, and the ordinary world, in which education means a lot, turns out to be harsh on those who have not thought about the future.
  • “Harvard Bum”. The picture is based on real events and is designed to motivate one to study, regardless of one’s background, monetary opportunities, or position.

Each film is good in its own way. Some bring up teenage problems, while others show life as it is and that it’s important for everyone to learn.

Motivational film Harvard Bum
Motivational film Harvard Bum

Motivational films for teens

Youth movies with meaning are not just stories about adolescence. It teaches you to understand yourself and the world around you much better, but remains fun and entertaining. Some of the most striking pictures include the following:

  • “Student of the Year”. An Indian film about young people fighting for the honorary title of the best student in higher education.
    “Sing Street”. The events take place in the eighties, when every teenager dreams of becoming a musician, but only the main character’s meeting with the love of his life turns an amorphous desire into a real goal.
    “The Perfect Date”. How do you make money for college? Become a “rent boy.” That’s exactly what the main character decides to do, even developing a special app to do so.
    “Mean Girls”. The movie has already become a cult movie and a must-see for all high school girls. It shows how fame and popularity can turn heads.
    “Freaky Friday”. You don’t understand your parents and they don’t understand you? Watch this comedy. Many adults’ motives will become much clearer, even to you.

Stock up on popcorn, enjoy movies with a great plot and great acting.

The main characters of the movie Mean Girls
The main characters of the movie Mean Girls
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