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The desire to achieve their goals unites all successful people. Rarely does a person get what he or she wants just by happy coincidence. Other people have to clearly plan and focus on achieving what they want. One of the most effective techniques is to make a list of 50 goals in a person’s life, which will help to turn into reality all that is most desirable.

How do you make a list for 50 goals in life?

There are an infinite number of wishes, so the main thing is to select the most priority ones. The deadline is of no small importance. Fifty tasks is quite a lot. A year becomes the optimal time. This does not mean that they should be completed in 12 months only. The main thing is that they should be completed in this time frame.

Measured target
Measured target

To make a list, you can use a simple technique:

  • Get comfortable and relaxed so that nothing distracts you. Without trying to concentrate, write by hand or type on the computer all the goals that come to mind, as many as possible. They can be big or small.
  • Try to be inspired. Write down today’s, potential, global, absurd and even the seemingly most improbable dreams. This greatly expands the possibilities for later choices.
  • Now you need to exercise maximum attention and concentration. Look again at what you’ve written. Highlight the priorities, the fulfillment of which will not only benefit, but also fully satisfy your wishes. Break down the goals into short-term, medium-term, long-term.

Ask yourself the questions “why?”, “why?”, “what’s in it for me? Think about whether you will be completely satisfied with the result. This will motivate you to achieve your goals.

Important! Goals can be set for a lifetime, but this is not the most serious approach. The really important goals should be implemented in at least a year, but it all depends on the desire. If you want to become a millionaire, it may take several years, but every step should lead to this result from the day of decision.


Such desires and dreams are achieved in a short period of time. They do not require careful planning. To fulfill a goal, 1-2 weeks is enough. Often even less, for example, to sign up for swimming lessons. The main thing is to clearly understand that everything will not stop there.

Features of the visualization board of goals and desires


These are life’s priorities. They require a clear and well-thought-out plan. You need to know exactly what actions to take to get results. Such goals are broken down into several stages and carried out one by one. Otherwise they will remain unfulfilled.


Fulfillment of such dreams takes from 1 to 3 months. Similarly, long-term ones may not be broken down into separate subtasks. The main thing is that they should be properly formulated, that is, they should have a specific deadline for execution, in which they will be exactly fulfilled.

Setting timeline goals
Setting timeline goals

50 examples of life’s goals

Some people strive for personal growth, while others strive for career growth. Some people need only 50 short-term goals in life to be happy, while others need large, long-term goals in order to find happiness. The compiler is of no small importance. The desires of representatives of the stronger and weaker sex can be strikingly different.

An example of 50 goals in life for men

A man’s long-term list of life goals might look like this:

  1. Buy a car.
  2. Buy your own apartment/home.
  3. Learn time management techniques.
  4. Become a manager of your own successful business.
  5. Collect a collection of expensive alcohol.
  6. Go on a wild safari in Africa.
  7. Get married and raise a son.
  8. Get a prestigious diploma.
  9. Accumulate your first million.
  10. Pump up a sculpted body.
  11. Become the owner of an expensive yacht.
  12. Join an elite country club.
  13. Get a medal for athletic achievement.
  14. Learn to play golf.
  15. Go to the World Cup.
  16. Go scuba diving.
  17. Build a garage with my own hands.
  18. Build your own wine cellar.
  19. Write a book.
  20. Get a doctorate.
  21. Become an honorary citizen of the city.
  22. Go on a real Russian hunt.
  23. Donate money to charity.
  24. Create a line of sportswear.
  25. Open branches of your business all over the country.
  26. Take a trip around the world.
  27. Own your own ranch.
  28. Learn to ride a horse.
  29. Learn several foreign languages.
  30. Fly first class only.
  31. Patent my own invention.
  32. Go skydiving.
  33. Go mountain climbing.
  34. Find treasure at the bottom of the ocean.
  35. Get your own airplane.
  36. Become a martial artist.
  37. Become a successful investor.
  38. Make your own startup.
  39. Be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  40. Receive a Nobel Prize.
  41. Buy your own island.
  42. Become a licensed helicopter pilot.
  43. Write your own song.
  44. Start a band.
  45. Go to space.
  46. Eat Fugu fish.
  47. Be on the Forbes list.
  48. Become GQ’s man of the year.
  49. Get international fame.
  50. Open a restaurant.

Rarely will a person be able to realize such goals fully, but many will find a source of inspiration for themselves.

Men's goals in life
Men’s goals in life

An example of 50 goals for women

The list of goals of the fair sex will be somewhat different:

  1. Get a good education.
  2. Get married.
  3. Start your own online business.
  4. Completely upgrade your closet with designer items.
  5. Go to the gym.
  6. Hire a personal fitness trainer.
  7. Learn to cook like a chef in an expensive restaurant.
  8. Successfully combine work and home.
  9. Get a promotion.
  10. Get ready for beach season.
  11. Participate in a bikini contest.
  12. Start and make a popular Instagram page.
  13. Make your husband and kids happy.
  14. Keep yourself in great shape at all times.
  15. Learn to sew.
  16. Create your own designer clothing line.
  17. Have dinner at the Eiffel Tower.
  18. Become a woman who can do absolutely everything.
  19. Learn to control my emotions and not lose my temper.
  20. Learn how to manipulate my desires.
  21. Do charity work.
  22. Get on the cover of a magazine and give interviews.
  23. Write a book, “How to do everything as a wife and mom.
  24. Plant a beautiful garden.
  25. Redesign your apartment/home.
  26. Become a real homemaker.
  27. Be able to do everything on time.
  28. Learn a good daily routine.
  29. Give up bad habits.
  30. To weigh no more than 50 kg.
  31. To learn how to scuba dive.
  32. Take a course of professional make-up artist.
  33. Make a good habit of planning your affairs.
  34. Never leave home without having your hair and makeup done.
  35. Find your own and unique style.
  36. Establish a good relationship with your parents.
  37. Know how to manage a budget.
  38. Become a good mom, realizing the talents of her children.
  39. Learn to meditate.
  40. Fully discover your opportunities and self-actualize.
  41. Live in the US for a year and learn English.
  42. Go to the seaside every summer.
  43. Surround myself with caring and loving friends.
  44. Develop good intuition.
  45. Learn the art of prioritizing.
  46. Always have free time to take care of your appearance.
  47. Be able to get a good manicure.
  48. Learn about fashion trends.
  49. Have a recipe book.
  50. Keep a planning diary.

Each woman will have her own individual goals. It all depends on priorities – family, career, or popularity.

Women's life goals
Women’s life goals
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