The Wheel of Balance: How to Achieve Perfect Balance in All Spheres of Life

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The Life Balance Wheel technique allows you to see the priority goals and take the right steps to realize what you have in mind. Its successful implementation in practice requires learning the fundamentals of the technique.

Balance Wheel
Balance Wheel

What is the wheel of life balance?

The main difference between the wheel and other ways of planning and prioritizing is that it takes into account absolutely all spheres of human life. It represents a kind of circle, allowing you to visually see the state of each. The essence is the ability to assess and understand how much importance is given to one or another area.

To achieve life balance, they should be practically on the same level. It immediately becomes clear what needs to be worked on. The system aims to maintain harmony between work, family, recreation, and so on, helping one to become happy, successful, responsible, and know exactly what he wants.

Important! The wheel of life balance is to develop comprehensively, constantly learning something new, realizing your full potential. Without balance comes chaos, negatively affecting the state of affairs, family relationships, psychological and physical health.

Life analysis and planning methodology

The balance wheel is an effective analytical tool. Proper analysis and evaluation helps you stop being torn between work, leisure, and family. There are two types of wheel – “universal” and “individual”. The division is conventional. The first involves taking a ready-made schedule, and the second making one’s own is considered more preferable. Everyone has their own priority values and understanding of happiness.

Life analysis and planning methodology
Life analysis and planning methodology

Usually the circle of the wheel of life balance is divided into 6, 8, 12 areas. It is necessary to consider in advance what they will be. A sample list includes:

  1. Self-Actualization and Development.
  2. Money and Finances.
  3. Career, success, work.
  4. Husband and children.
  5. A favorable environment (friends, colleagues).
  6. Recreation.
  7. Beauty, fashion, self-care.
  8. Spirituality.
  9. Health.
  10. Travel.
  11. Love and understanding.
  12. Travel.

Setting goals or objectives and meeting them

Common mistakes when setting goals

Some items can be combined. Some people put travel abroad separately because it is what they aspire to, while others are completely comfortable with the lack of it. Each area is rated on a scale of 1 (terrible) to 10 (excellent). The wheel of life methodology for analyzing the present and planning for the future provides an opportunity to see the priority areas of work.

How to make the right life balance wheel?

To make a circle, you can use a ready-made template balance wheel or print out the following picture for 8 spheres.

Balance Wheel
Balance Wheel

The next steps are as follows:

  1. Make a list of spheres and name each segment accordingly.
  2. Rate each one on a ten-point scale. In the Excel file, the guide will change by itself, but on the printed chart, you will have to create the curve yourself.
  3. Analyze and do a little planning exercise. It involves filling out a balance wheel template.
Sphere Evaluation Why such a score? Desired grade What needs to be fixed?

The last column will be the priority goals that are needed to improve an area of life.

The main point is not only the use of the circle, but also the subsequent realization of the set tasks. Set a time interval in which they must be accomplished. At the appointed time, analyze the balance wheel again, and adjust the goals if necessary. Repeat the algorithm of actions until the desired harmony is achieved.

Balance Wheel Online

The popularity of the technique has led to a chance to do nothing manually. There are online services and applications that can be downloaded or used directly in the browser window:

  • On a personal computer or laptop, you can use the following balance wheel tool online Here you can set the number of areas with names, put a score, and print a circle.
  • Among the mobile applications are Life Wheel for iPhone and Life Wheel for Android. There is an option not to fill out the table separately, but to prescribe directly in the program.

Efficiency does not depend on whether you use a program, a template, or draw a circle by hand. It comes from the ability to see the current situation correctly, to understand what to do to improve, and to change things in the direction of balance.

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