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Deductive reasoning is a type of thinking that allows us to separate the particular from the general on the basis of a logical conclusion. It is this type of thinking that helped Sherlock Holmes solve the most complicated cases. Everyone can feel like a real great detective with Einstein’s riddle about houses.

The problem’s condition

Only two percent of people are able to solve it in their mind. The rest have to find the correct answer to Einstein’s riddle in writing. The problem itself has changed somewhat, but remains just as difficult.

It describes the preferences of the inhabitants of five houses, each with a different color:

  • In the first one there is a Japanese resident;
  • in the red one is a Frenchman;
  • turquoise is to the left of blue;
  • the Spaniard prefers coffee;
  • the one who smokes “Davidoff” lives next to the cat person;
  • the resident of the green house smokes Monte Carlo;
  • the Belgian prefers Camel;
  • the resident of the central structure drinks yogurt;
  • the resident next to the Davidoff smoker prefers milk;
  • the lover of Parliament breeds ferrets;
  • the African has dwarf pinschers living at home;
  • the Japanese man’s house is next to the purple one;
  • the purple homeowner keeps mice;
  • the fanta lover smokes Rothmans;
  • the beer lover likes beer; the one who lives in a turquoise building.

Question: who keeps fish?

Einstein’s riddle about houses: the solution

It boils down to filling out a table with all the data that allows you to find the answer you are looking for.

Prescribing known facts

According to Einstein’s riddle, one first writes down what is clearly understood from the conditions, and then begins to find “fill in the blanks. Some people find it convenient to simply write down the thought process without a table. The essence of how Einstein’s riddle is solved does not change.

house number 1 2 3 4 5
What nationality?
What kind of drink does he drink?
What’s smoking?
What kind of pets does he keep?
What is the color of the house?

Important! If you want to solve the problem on your own, you can only look at the points.

Find out the colors and numbers of the buildings

It is easiest to look for the shade of a Japanese dwelling. The only known color is red, where the Frenchman lives. Purple does not fit due to the fact that it stands next to it. Blue is to the right of turquoise. Thus, the Japanese is the resident of the green house, which has the number 1.

The turquoise one is either number four or number three. The yogurt lover lives in the central structure, and the resident of the turquoise one drinks beer. Consequently, he has exactly number 4, and the blue one on the right has number 5, the purple one has number 2, and the red one has number 3.

Figuring out preferences

Looking for the favorite drink of the Belgian, who smokes Camel, so he can’t drink Fanta, because that tenant likes Rothmans. The Spaniard drinks coffee, the Frenchman drinks yogurt. That leaves only two options, milk or beer.

The Japanese doesn’t smoke Rothmans, so he doesn’t drink Fanta. His drink is milk. Beer is drunk by the resident of the turquoise house next door, in which the Belgian lives. With the milk drinker is the Davidoff smoker, and this is tenant number two.

Thinking of a riddle
Thinking of a riddle

Finding pets

The number 2 house keeps mice, and the African keeps pygmy pinschers, so he lives in the fifth building. The “Parliament” smoker breeds harts, which means it’s French. The African is left with Fanta and Rothmans.

The “Davidoff” smoker lives next to a cat connoisseur, who may be a tenant of building 1 or 3, but the latter is inhabited by a Frenchman who breeds ferrets, and hence the cats are kept by a Japanese. The Spaniard, who loves coffee, breeds mice.

Hence, the Belgian keeps the fishes.

In lieu of a conclusion

Albert Einstein puzzle perfectly develops logic. Solving similar puzzles online, which are created on this type of pretty much, you can learn the deductive method of thinking. It perfectly helps to solve complex situations and put thoughts in order.

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