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Motivation for life

The image is perceived and remembered faster than text, sound. The principle has become the basis of successful marketing and an effective way to achieve your goals, called a visualization board. It is a kind of collage, requiring a thorough and thoughtful approach.

The main purpose of the visualization board

The materiality of thought is expressed by embodiment into reality. Similarly, if you are able to control this process, you can plan and control events. How to do this? By visualizing what the subconscious mind should be focused on.

Correctly chosen graphic pictures placed on the board create the right images on the subcortex of the brain. They constantly attract attention, programming for success. Visual motivation penetrates the consciousness, becoming an “obsession” that is realized in life. The technique works with tangible and intangible values.

How to make a visualization board and affirmations with my own hands?

The creative process is the basis of visualization. A person from start to finish must create the board himself. The main thing is to decide what it will be. Conventionally, we can distinguish three varieties of the board:

  • Wishes. The main goal is the fulfillment of dreams. The emphasis is on graphic content. Text can be completely absent. The central element is a photo of the author of the board.
  • Goals. Includes not only pictures, but also words. The final achievement is necessarily spelled out. Setting a time frame is a good motivation.
  • Achievements. The main emphasis becomes progress. As an example, a calendar, which circles the dates of delivery of reports and so on. Here the system works similarly, but a level of a certain award is assigned for progress.

They can be used separately or combined. The combined use of these visualization methods is shown in the picture below.

Combined application of the above visualization methods
Combined application of the above visualization methods

Where is the visualization board used?

The visualization board is used in the following areas:

  • Personal. Made with the purpose of realization of one’s desires and dreams. Represents a “corner of own or family happiness”. It is placed in a prominent place at home. It is not recommended to move such a collage into the living room or hallway. The ideal place would be a computer table, if a lot of time is spent at the PC.
  • Work. Allows you to organize a successful work. Useful for people engaged in their own business and freelancing, when self-discipline due to lack of visual motivation begins to fail.
  • Business (office). Ideal for heads of sales departments and other areas of activity, in whose subordination there are employees. Slightly different from the first two, as there are both inscriptions of tasks to be solved and deadlines. Adding visual objects allows you to increase efficiency.

The principle of construction is practically the same in all of them. Only the content is slightly different.

Example of a visualization board
Example of a visualization board

Instructions for creating a visualization board

To make the visualization board work, learn how to properly make a wish map:

  1. Create a supportive environment. No one and nothing should distract you from your thinking process. You can play motivating, soft music.
  2. Make a list. Write down your primary and secondary goals, objectives, and dreams. Determine the importance by asking the questions: “Why?” “Why?” “When?” “What will it get me?” It is important that the fulfillment of the desire brings full satisfaction.
  3. Choose a medium. Use a magnetic board, wattman, cardboard. Some make a map directly on the wall. There is no universal recommendation, but the first options are better, since mobile cards are easy to carry.
  4. Pick up pictures. One should be yours. To stay happy with what you see, take a picture in the best quality. You can even use photoshop to make adjustments. Find the rest of the images on the internet. Give preference to bright, clear ones that fully reflect what you want.
  5. Find the right tool. Think about how the picture will be attached. It depends on the base. Do not forget the markers, felt-tip pens, stickers. Draw a collage design on a piece of paper first. This will give you a clear idea of what you will need.

Movies everyone should watch

Many services on the Internet have ready-made visualization board templates. They help those who don’t know what the final goal map will look like.

The power of visualization

Don’t be tempted to just use a template and glue the first pictures you see. It won’t work. The main power of the visual concept of wish-fulfillment lies in three fundamental successes:

  • Positivity. The caption, the photo cannot carry even a minimum of negativity. Do you want to always be happy? You don’t have to choose a picture of a crying person who is being stretched out. Stick pictures with smiling and joyful people.
  • Reality. Caption the pictures only in the present tense: “I am the happiest,” “I am the most successful,” “I own a BMW M5 car,” “I live in my own three-bedroom apartment,” and so on. Seeing the board should make you a person who is surrounded by wishes that have come true. Take a subconscious leap first, finding yourself in the future, followed by a real one.
  • Visualization. Place your visualization board in a prominent place. The more often you look at it, the stronger the effect. If you work at a computer, duplicate the map on your desktop. This will have a positive effect on the work process, because it carries a positive. This technique is especially important for those who want to succeed in their career.

Each element should reflect your aspirations. Nothing is superfluous or lacking. The collage is a reflection of how you see yourself becoming perfectly happy and successful.

Board visualization – how to properly design?

For the method to really work, it is not enough to define your desires/objectives, to choose beautiful pictures, the basis (wattman, magnetic board, wallpaper), it is necessary to arrange the elements in the right sequence. There are several ways to design a visualization card:

  • According to Feng Shui. Each side of the world is responsible for a particular area of life and is represented by a particular color. It is enough to simply make an inscription of the recommended shade. There are two types – squares and diagrams. Examples are shown in the picture.
Feng Shui Wishing Board Design
Feng Shui Wishing Board Design

The central place “Health” symbolizes the creator of the visualization board and is reserved for your picture.

  • On certain goals. Based on Chinese philosophy, but allows you to divide sectors into arbitrary tasks. They can be primary and secondary. The diagram presents a different number of segments, for example by month, quarter, half-year, and so on.
Square wish distribution on the board
Square wish distribution on the board

It is not necessary to create a visualization board according to a specific principle. It is possible to combine several, even inventing a system for controlling and assigning levels of success in achieving one goal or another. The main thing is not to rush to glue photos and pictures. Place the elements on a piece of wool/cardboard, look at it from the side a few times, set aside the work for 10-15 minutes, and then look at it again.

Examples of visualization boards

Inspire to create your own map of desires, goals, or accomplishments with successful and correct patterns.

Example 1

Wish Board
Wish Board

Example 2

Goal map on the visualization board
Goal map on the visualization board

Example 3

An example of a wish map
An example of a wish map

Dear readers, do you want your wishes to come true? Believe in the visualization board. Its effectiveness depends directly on your mental attitude. Don’t be afraid to experiment, creating your own unique and original collages. The card should be exclusively those images that motivate you, not others. Immerse yourself in the creative process, place your creation in a prominent place. Changes in your life for the better won’t be long in coming.

Good luck and prosperity!

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