Setting goals or objectives and meeting them

Motivation for life

Goal setting. Success is defined by achieving what you want. The path from dream to result is conditioned by a clear understanding of how to set goals correctly. Otherwise they turn into pipe dreams.

How to set goals for yourself and achieve them?

Lack of confidence in your own abilities, frustration breeds inability to properly shape what you want to achieve. To change your life for the better, act now:

Goal setting - measurable goal
Goal setting – measurable goal
  1. Set a specific and relevant task. The more important it is, the greater the motivation.
  2. Define a time frame of execution – a week, a month, a year, and so on.
  3. Formulate a specific, measurable, achievable goal. Becoming rich is an abstraction. Earning a million by age 25 is concrete.
  4. Make a plan on a timeline or to-do list.

You can’t keep tasks in your mind. Each planned step should be written in a list. Use notepad, a PC application, remembering to specify time intervals.

How to set goals for the year

Achieving a long-term goal requires a detailed approach. There is a beginning and an end. The “distance” between us is a process. As an illustrative example, one might choose a train stopping at stations to get to a destination.

To avoid “stumbling” along the way, one must:

  • Divide the year into separate intervals. The ideal would be a month at the end of which you need to achieve a certain success leading to the final result.
  • Keep track of progress. A visualization board, a notebook, an editor program will help. The method should be thought out in advance. Visualizing even a small success is good motivation.
  • Control yourself. The more long-term the task, the more important the evaluation of the work done.
Setting realistic goals
Setting realistic goals

Getting the “route” right, going back to the train example, is the key to success. Each monthly task should lead to the end point, keeping you on track.

For a while

Short-term goals only seem simple. The approach needs to be no less thorough, and control needs to be daily. It is an advantage to be able to fulfill your desires, but you have to work all the time.

The main point is achievability and continuous work. If you want to learn 100 foreign words in a month, a day should not only learn 3-4, but repeat and reinforce what was yesterday. This creates a habit when the action is brought to automatism.

The proper shaping of desires

To achieve what you’ve never had before is to do what you’ve never done before. This is the main point in comprehending how to set realistic goals and form desires. Don’t be afraid to plan even when your character is inherently spontaneous.

To properly shape what you want, use the following instructions for action:

  1. Define relevance. Don’t set a goal/objective just because it’s easily attainable. You really have to want it.
  2. Write desires with the pronoun “I…..”
  3. Add the words “want, desire, achieve.”
  4. Put a time frame (realistic).
  5. Take away the negative connotations.

The result should be a sentence like “I want to buy a car by the end of January 2021. Note that there are no negative particles in the sentence.

What’s the best way to remember information?

Common mistakes when setting goals

Get rid of the following disturbances:

  • The lack of seriousness of intention/desire, discarding self-deception.
  • Choosing a goal that conflicts with another, such as giving up bad habits and smoking a Cuban cigar while drinking a glass of wine.
  • Uncertainty about what you really want.
  • Finding excuses to put off important things.
  • Rejection of current tasks because of the difficulty of implementation.
  • Lack of control, leading to discouragement.
  • Excessive expectations of yourself, resulting in dissatisfaction and regret.
  • Disproportionality of the time frame and the set tasks.

Don’t give up if things don’t work out. Analyze it, make corrections, and then continue on your way to success.

how to reach your goal
how to reach your goal

Goal setting process

Formation and formulation are two interrelated concepts, stemming from each other. To move from the general to the particular, it is necessary to conduct a whole complex analysis according to the SMART methodology, according to which the goal must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-limited, and determine:

  • Specificity. Write down the key points. You can even tell and spell out the nuances out loud. If you want something, it should be your own, it should be able to fulfill all your functions, and should give you full satisfaction of your initial desire.
  • Measurability. Real numbers give a perfect visualization, and the ability to control the process. It can be the cost, size, area, specifications. The more parameters the better.
  • Achievability. Nobody forbids to dream the impossible, but it is necessary to set only ambitious, and unattainable goals, in the heart to dream to jump over the head, believing in yourself, then return to objective reality. It is impossible to do several things at once, but it is possible to plan the day properly.
  • Significance. Answer yourself the question “why?” When there is no satisfaction, stop for 10-15 minutes and try again to understand your motivation. Maybe you want to earn a million to buy a thing that will bring you happiness. If that’s the case, then that should be the goal, not the bills.
  • Timing. Without a specific timeline, nothing will work. Knowing that one must go through 500 steps, counting each one, one is sure to rise to the top. Lack of specificity leads to frequent failures. Always choose a specific time frame.

Write down, sketch out blocks, breaking down the main goal into smaller subtasks leading up to the main goal. Make it a habit to keep a diary, set reminders, check what you have done at the end of the day or week. Self-control will allow you not only to get what you want, but also to become a collected, successful person.

Building SMART goals
Building SMART goals

Examples of how to set goals

How do you know that the goal is right? It should be such that there is no feeling of dissatisfaction, inferiority, an incomprehensible feeling that says something is lacking. The easiest way to understand this is through examples.

Right Incorrect
Get your Intermediate level English certificate in June 2021. Learn English at a conversational level
Have 50,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel by the end of this year. Become a popular youtuber
Buy a one-bedroom apartment without a mortgage in December 2021. Have your own apartment
Enter into a contract with the Atlanta store to supply dairy products in December 2021 for at least 20 million. Take your business to the next level
Go vacationing to the Maldives in July 2022 by booking a five-star hotel for 6 days and 7 nights. Cool and fun vacation at the sea next summer

Lack of specificity, time frames, numbers – abstractness – it is impossible to properly compose a route to what you want.

Do not be afraid to set high goals. If you set them correctly, they are bound to come true. It is enough to master a few simple techniques, spend a little time, which will more than pay off. You won’t notice how you will automatically tune in to the right formulation of desires and your life will change.

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