How do you stay up all night when you really want to?

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It is more difficult to fight sleepiness at night than during the day. The absence of external stimuli and distractions makes you want to close your eyes as soon as possible. How to stay awake all night if you want to, but can’t sleep at all? There are many effective ways to stay awake for as long as necessary.

How do you stay up all night?

There are many ways to fight the urge to sleep. There are quite a few techniques for staying awake. Only the most effective and easy to implement should be considered.

Turn on the light to stay awake

Biorhythms react acutely to light levels. Dim light gives the body a signal to fall asleep. A person begins to fall asleep even during the day. You can trick the body by turning on all the lights. The brighter the room, the better.

How do you stay awake when you want to?
How do you stay awake when you want to?

Getting hungry is an effective way to stay up all night

Hunger is one of the strongest instincts. The need for food at a subconscious level is expressed by external manifestations. A hungry person is in an excited state, which drowns out other needs. Sleeping hungry just won’t work. If you break down and eat, drowsiness will not be long in coming.

Important! Do not do the things you do before you go to bed. Do not wash your face or read in bed or on the couch. Continue at your usual active pace.

With respect to energy, it works the other way around. It is possible and sometimes necessary to drink it. The main thing is not to get carried away. One can is enough. The meal before a sleepless night should be early (not later than 20:00) or include the products to which attention is given below. Otherwise, you’ll be tempted to take a nap.

Put some music on – it helps to stay awake

Rhythmic and energetic sounds excite the nervous system. Music that hits your ears helps you stay awake. To avoid disturbing the neighbors or household, it is best to listen to it on headphones. Give preference to the songs, the words of which are almost impossible to understand over the beat. It is best to jerk your head to the beat, which will arouse even more emotions and make the brain work, turn on the attention.

How do you stay awake when you really want to?
How do you stay awake when you really want to?

Get some sleep beforehand

If possible, get a good night’s sleep during the day. When you get up at night, you won’t want to sleep. When such a chance does not fall out, resort to such an effective remedy as sleep and coffee. Milk should not be added to it. For people who do not like this invigorating drink, you can find a replacement in the form of chocolate or strong black tea.

Important! Do not set your alarm clock for half an hour. This leads to disruption of the long sleep phase, which provokes a feeling of brokenness, sleepiness, and malaise.

The main secret is that cocoa beans and caffeine only take effect after 20 minutes. In order to get the desired results, immediately after coffee/tea/chocolate, you need to sleep for 15 minutes (no more!). This is how long the short phase lasts, after which you don’t feel tired or tired. After another 5 minutes, the coffee will kick in.

Chewing gum

Gum alone does not eliminate sleepiness. The chewing reflex triggers a feeling of hunger. Receptors in the mouth signal to the brain about the incoming food. Insulin begins to be produced, which gives you vigor. To increase the result, it is recommended to use gum with menthol.

Warning! If you are worried about messing up your stomach in this way or have gastrointestinal problems, you can just chew nuts. Rich in vitamins and protein, they are not a food that can cause drowsiness.

How to make you stay up all night?

Drowsiness recedes through distraction. Knowing what to do to stay awake allows you to choose the best option for yourself, taking into account the reason for being awake:

How do you make yourself stay awake?
How do you make yourself stay awake?
  1. Physical activity. Evening jogging is not suitable. First, it is done in the fresh air, which already promotes sleep, and secondly, going for a run at night is not a good idea. It is necessary to do exercises like push-ups, squats. Evening exercise tricks the brain and gives the installation to start a new day. This kind of workout, speeds up the blood flow and keeps you awake.
  2. Internet to the rescue. If you have a hard night’s work at the computer, open a tab with jokes or memes. Check it out periodically to get your mind off of it and have a laugh. Those who just need to get through the morning can engage in trolling. This is a very effective technique, allowing all the emotions inside to literally boil and bubble. You won’t notice how several hours fly by.
  3. Uncomfortable posture. The physical position of the body has a direct impact on the psychological state. The more uncomfortable you sit, the more all your attention is focused on the discomfort. Your limbs will become stiff, and periodically you will have to do a little warm-up. It will definitely not even allow you to doze off.
  4. Talk to someone. Forcing yourself to stay awake can be quite difficult. If you can find a companion, you can strike up a conversation. You don’t even have to be in the same house. With the help of modern gadgets you can talk at any distance. This allows you to easily connect with any friend, with whom you can chat even if all night.
  5. Play something. It is necessary to choose an entertainment that for a long time attracts attention. There is no universal game. Everyone chooses his own. Some people are passionate about puzzles, while others enjoy computer shooters, platformers, RPGs and so on. The main thing is not to force yourself to play. The more interesting the process, the longer will not want to fall asleep.

How do you learn to get up early?

What else can you do to stay awake at night if you need emergency measures? You can take medications to help you sleep. The most popular ones include the following:

  • Ephedrine;
  • Caffeine;
  • Ritalin;
  • Modafinil;
  • Phenotropil;
  • Longdeysin;
  • Pantocrine;
  • Donepezil.

It is recommended to take medicines only after a careful study of the benefits and harms of a particular remedy. Among the psychostimulant plants, ginseng, rose hips, radiola rosea, Chinese lemongrass, eleutherococcus help to stay awake.

Caffeine content
Caffeine content

What to eat to stay awake?

It is best to prepare for a sleepless night well in advance. If you know that you are going to stay awake, you need to know what foods to eat in order to stay awake safely:

  • protein-rich foods;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • Drink plenty of water.

If it is impossible to overcome hunger, which makes a person irritable and, for example, does not allow him to concentrate on work, and you need to finish a report or finish a project, you can make a sandwich. Bread should be made of wheat, combined with boiled eggs or fried glazed eggs. Nuts, fruits such as peaches will do well. Vegetables are better to fry on a grill pan.

Try to avoid carbohydrate-rich foods during the day and for dinner. Speaking of proteins, you should exclude any meat. Especially when it is combined with pasta and so on. It is necessary to drink as much water as possible. You should completely give up carbonated drinks, chips and other snacks. Such snacks energize you only for a short period of time.

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