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Cinematography, since its inception, has given the world many great pictures. Not all become masterpieces. There are films that are worth watching. Our top 10 best movies of popular genres will help you find a movie to your liking.

Movies everyone should watch – about love

Top 10 best melodramas. Not all women’s movies about love are devoid of other meanings. There are many pictures whose message is much deeper and more penetrating than it may seem:

  • “My Blueberry Nights. Simultaneously simple and mesmerizing film about finding your place in life.
  • “The Hours”. A film about the legendary Virginia Wolfe, whose everyday life is shown through the lens of other women. Over the course of watching the movie, the viewer understands exactly what it is that binds their fates together.
  • “Bridget Jones’s Diary”. The main character failed to settle her life, even though she had already celebrated her thirtieth birthday.
  • “Stepmother”. Her father’s second wife tries her best to mend her relationship with the children from her first marriage, but her own mother pits her brother and sister against the woman.
  • “The Painted Veil”. An unusual movie, where the main character has to take a new look at her husband, traveling with him to the province of China, where cholera is raging.
  • “Fall in love with me, if you dare”. The game, which began back in childhood, did not stop even when true love arose between the young people.
  • “The Reader. World War II has long since ended, but the trial of one of the warders allows us to learn her story.
  • “My One.” Our heroine realizes that it is difficult to raise sons without a man. She embarks on a journey to find the perfect candidate.
  • “In Bed with the Enemy.” The perfect husband is not always what he appears to those around him.
  • “Redemption.” A thirteen-year-old girl’s lies keep her lovers from being reunited and the liar herself from living her life in peace.

Each story is different and unique.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Bridget Jones's Diary
Gwyneth Paltrow in Bridget Jones’s Diary

Top romantic movies that everyone should watch

Top 10 movies in the romance genre, based on surveys and several lists from reputable publications:

  • “Three Meters Above Heaven. The incredible love story of a rebel and a good girl created a real sensation.
  • “Titanic.” The plot unfolds on the infamous cruise ship.
  • “Chocolate”. Incredibly “tasty” film without any heart-wrenching moments, mesmerizing in its beauty and sincerity.
  • “The Shining of a Pure Mind”. Can a man love so much that he wants to forget about it? The director decided to answer in the affirmative and show what would end up happening.
  • “Meet Joe Black.” They fall for each other at first sight, but he’s not who he says he is.
  • “Ghost.” Our loved ones never leave us, even after death. A poignant and gripping story that literally makes our hearts skip a beat.
  • “Haste to Love.” Love works wonders and turns even the most spoiled guy into a caring, perfect young man.
  • “Memory Diary”. The life story of two lovers, told by an elderly woman in a nursing home.
  • “Wuthering Heights.” It is impossible to retell the plot. The film adaptation of the novel has to be seen.
  • “The Lake House.” Leaving a letter to the future owner of the house, the heroine had no idea she would receive a response that would change her life.

Any of the movies on the list can be watched on a Sunday night with your loved one.

Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche in Chocolat
Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche in Chocolat

Top of the best action movies that everyone should watch

Top 10 best action movies according to the majority of viewers calling these particular pictures:

  • “Die Hard. The main character is able to single-handedly destroy the terrorists to save the hostages.
  • “A Certain Opinion”. A world in which there is no crime, as the culprit of any crime is arrested in advance thanks to the oracle.
  • “Mad Max: Road Rage”. The new installment came out dynamic and exciting and continued the iconic action movie starring Mel Gibson.
  • “The Avengers.” All series of the franchise have earned viewer admiration and millions of fans around the world.
  • “The Dark Knight”. All three parts of the Batman franchise are great. No one has ever managed before and it is unlikely to succeed in the future to show the story of Bruce Wayne so brilliantly.
  • “The Matrix”. A unique sci-fi action film that opened the world to the insanely talented Keanu Reeves.
  • “Men in Black”. A secret department to fight alien criminals.
  • “War of the Worlds”. The best adaptation of Herbert Wells’ novel about the survival of the common man during an alien attack.
  • “The Raid”. The viewer will see a thrilling action film in which a special forces squad has to go through 30 floors of real hell.
  • “I Am Legend”. A post-apocalyptic film, starring Will Smith.

Each of the presented action films has become a classic of the genre.

Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Road Rage
Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Road Rage

Top of the best dramas

The top 10 best drama films that everyone should watch. The tragic events in people’s lives on the screen make us think about many things, are a warning and a reminder of important values that we sometimes do not notice:

  • “No Connection.” It’s a modern drama about how the Internet can ruin whole lives.
  • “The Pianist”. A film based on real events about the survival of a Jew during World War II.
  • “Bicentennial Man.” Cinematography has many times raised the question of what makes us human. The director of this film has succeeded best in bringing this reflection to the screen.
  • “The Battle Royale. A Japanese film based on a bestseller from 20 years ago may have been overlooked by many, but it really deserves attention.
  • “Forrest Gump.” This movie is a must-see. Its depth and poignancy cannot be translated into words.
  • “Life is Beautiful”. For the sake of love, family, the main character turns the world around him into a fairy tale.
  • “Faun’s Labyrinth.” A phantasmagoria, the plot of which cannot be conveyed in words.
  • “The Green Mile”. The unlawful accusation of murder and the execution of the order will make the viewer shudder.
  • “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”. The friendship between the son of a Nazi and a Jewish concentration camp kid.
  • “Hachiko: The Most Loyal Friend.” An adaptation about the loyalty of a four-legged friend.

The list includes legendary dramatic films that everyone, even the most seasoned movie buff, must see.

Eisa Butterfield and Jack Scanlon in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Eisa Butterfield and Jack Scanlon in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

The funniest comedies

The top 10 best comedies ever made. If you want to laugh heartily, then this selection of films for you:

  • “The Hangover in Vegas. One of the few comedies where all parts are equally funny.
  • “Insufferable Bosses.” What happens when three men decide to take down their evil bosses?
  • “Dumb and Dumber.” They’re in a class for “special” kids and are proud of it.
  • “Soldiers of Failure.” The main characters think they’re getting on with an action movie, but they end up in the jungle with real gangsters.
  • “Rat Race.” It’s funny to watch people go on a chase for a cash prize.
  • “Celibacy Week”. What happens when you give married men a whole week of freedom?
  • “The Proposal.” To keep her job, the main character decides to pretend to marry her assistant.
  • “Austin Powers.” One of the funniest parodies of secret agent movies.
  • “Homicide Vacation”. Teenagers mistake two brothers for maniacs, who, on the contrary, are afraid of the youngsters themselves.
  • “The Mask.” If you haven’t seen this comedy yet, it’s time to watch it.

These movies that everyone should watch are different from other funny movies that can be rewatched many times.

Mike Myers as Dr. Evil in Austin Powers
Mike Myers as Dr. Evil in Austin Powers

Scariest Horrors

The top 10 scariest horror movies. Any movie in this selection will tickle your nerves and make you really scared:

  • “Risen from Hell. It all starts with a wish and opening a little box.
  • “And the lights go out.” It comes when the room is dark.
  • “Jigsaw.” The heroes don’t know who kidnapped them or why, setting up a game of survival.
  • “The Hills Have Eyes.” They are not just cannibals, but watchers and hunters of those who happen to be going the wrong way.
  • “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Anyone who gets lost in the Texas desert will have to say goodbye to life.
  • “House of Wax.” Not all figures are made of wax and that’s the last thing many people will know before they die.
  • “Astral.” Fans of the paranormal are a must-see.
  • “Mirrors”. What lurks on the other side of your reflection?
  • “Sinister.” Will the horror of forty years ago happen again to a newly arrived family.
  • “Silent Hill”. A mother goes in search of her disappeared daughter in an abandoned mining town.

These are the films that everyone should see, recognized as the best in many top lists.

A classic of the horror genre, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
A classic of the horror genre, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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