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Everyone strives to become the best and reach new heights in career, business, and personal life. Only a few people manage to achieve this on their own. To find the desired personal growth for the rest help the best books on self-development. Written by professionals and successful people, they will help you become more successful.

The problem of self-improvement and self-development: the view of psychologists

Many people give themselves an attitude to start on Monday or the new year with a completely different life, but as a result nothing of the planned works out. The psychology of personality is such that self-development is hindered by many aspects at once:

  • Lack of willpower. The root of the problem lies in laziness, fear of change. Even good prospects often inspire fear of failure because they require some effort. Willpower needs to be worked on.
  • Lack of motivation. Weakness of spirit often leads to a devaluation of the desired. Often in the head slips the thought of why waste time on “nonsense” because you can just be content with what is.
  • Disorganization. The inability to properly manage time often interferes even with the existing way of life. Psychologists have developed many techniques to improve productivity and self-discipline, from making lists to charts.
  • Undervalued and overvalued self-esteem. Some people consider themselves unworthy of the best. Others, on the contrary, overestimate their capabilities, desiring the impossible. Both extremes are pernicious.
  • Negative thinking. A skeptical attitude toward self-improvement and self-development leads to failure, and it is born out of the above problems. Many people have a lot of great ideas and opportunities, but the wrong mindset does not allow themselves to be realized.

The best books on self-development and self-improvement focus on each of these issues. Everyone who wants to change himself or herself should read just such works. The main thing is to understand exactly what area you are going to work in.

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How to choose the best self-development books?

It is not necessary to buy up absolutely everything written on the subject. No one disputes the usefulness of bestsellers, but a wise and balanced approach is necessary:

  • decide the direction of self-development – personal growth, business, finding love and happiness;
  • choose a path to self-improvement – lack of time, lack of discipline, motivation, or low self-esteem.

General books on the subject, of course, should also be read. They will give you an understanding of the big picture. The next step will be the choice of literature on the topic of the set task. For a man it can be career growth or opening a successful enterprise, and for a woman it can be finding attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Top self-development books

The choice, as written earlier, is individual. This does not invalidate the fact that there are books that everyone should read for personal self-development. They often reveal a whole new facet of oneself and motivate one to change.

Self-development books for women

Top self-development books
Top self-development books
  • “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone by B. Tracy. Many call this particular book the author’s best. It is considered a woman’s book due to the fact that it is more focused on realizing oneself as a person and discovering one’s own potential, rather than on succeeding in business.
  • “The Seven Skills of Highly Effective People” by S. Covey. A truly worthwhile read for the sole reason that it is one of Time magazine’s top 25 management books. It is written simply and accessible and enables women to succeed in their careers and personal lives.
  • “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by J. Gray. Reading the work allows you to get a lot of practical advice and guidance on the relationship of the opposite sexes, avoid conflicts, achieve mutual understanding and become just a great wife.

No less interesting would be the following books: “How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You” by L. Lowndes, “The Subconscious Can Do Anything” by J. Kehoe, “Ask and Receive” by P. Morancy.

Self-development books for men

The best self-development books for men
The best self-development books for men

It is always important for the strong half of mankind to develop and fulfill themselves, because they become husbands and fathers, and they are the main “earners”. Recommended for reading:

  • “The Easy Way to Start a New Life” by N. Fioro. A Practical Guide to Implementing Ideas. It gives great motivation to go from thinking to doing what you want to do.
  • “Do-It-Yourself” by T. Seelig. A university professor shares how to become successful and build a big business.
  • “The Do-It-Yourself MBA.” D. Kaufman. The book allows you to understand the process of investing money to earn a stable income.

Of equal interest to male audiences may be the following books: “The Whole Life” by L. Hewitt, J. Canfield, and M. W. Hansen, “BE the Best Version of Yourself” by D. Waldschmidt, “This Year I…” by M. J. Ryan.

What is the right way to read the best self-development books?

To get the most out of reading self-improvement works, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Stop rushing. This kind of material requires a “batch” attitude, that is, awareness and acceptance of what you read, and often practical application.
  2. Constantly analyze. Always ask yourself how it can be implemented by you in life, how it will help.
  3. Take notes. Always need to write down important thoughts and the basics of methodology. Written by your own hand is perceived and remembered better.

Never just try to read a self-development book cover to cover at one time for the record. Let the information sink in, realize it, understand it, reread it if necessary.

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