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To live an ideal daily routine is to have time to do everything you want to do. In practice, desires and reality almost never coincide. With rare exceptions, external stimuli and circumstances are to blame. More often than not, the person himself stands in the way of the realization of plans.

What is a perfect day?

It is unique for everyone, depending on personal preferences. For men the ideal day may include some points, for women absolutely others. It is necessary to clearly distinguish that there are three types of such a day – working day, weekend, holiday.


Regardless, they share common characteristics:

daily routine
daily routine


  • beautiful (favorite) weather;
  • easy awakening;
  • comfortable environment;
  • getting the maximum pleasure;
  • getting things done.

It is not the best day, which anyone can become if, for example, they win the lottery, but it is a reflection of the kind of lifestyle one wants. It is the ideal to which one aspires.

An example of a perfect day

Wake up cheerful Lunch with girlfriends in a cafe
Take a relaxing bath Visit a spa
Have your favorite waffles and jam on the veranda of your own home for breakfast Prepare to go to an evening premiere/romantic dinner
Shopping around for items from the new collection Take a stroll through the city at night

About this dream as young ladies, and women who do not want to build a career, but to be, for example, the wife of a successful businessman.

How do you make a daily routine?

There is another concept of the “perfect day. It refers to routines and planning. Everyone has the power to make everyday life as comfortable as possible.

Mode of the day

It is good to take needs and priorities into account, but there is still a standard. It takes into account the following nuances:

  1. You have to wake up right. A pleasant awakening is the most important beginning of the day. It is necessary to get enough sleep by going to bed on time and getting up at the end of the long sleep phase. Set your alarm clock taking into account that a full cycle lasts 90 minutes.
  2. Do exercise. Good physical fitness boosts self-esteem, and goes into the morning hours with little to no impact on your overall schedule.
  3. A hearty breakfast. Never turn down a morning meal. Only in the morning can you allow yourself to eat something that will not affect your figure, for example, eggs with bacon, sweet fruit, croissant.
  4. Eliminate negativity. Get rid of bad thoughts, bad words, do not swear, and, life will become bright and joyful. Refuse to communicate with unpleasant people.
  5. Walk on foot. At lunchtime and in the evening go for a walk. Fresh air improves well-being and sleep.
  6. A pleasant social circle. Communicate with important to them, causing only positive emotions. It is better that they are relatives.

Taking up these healthy, pleasant habits for every day is easier than it seems. The reward is a great mood.

How do you stay awake when you want to?
How do you stay awake when you want to?

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How do I make a schedule for the workday?

Dissatisfaction with working life is often caused by a lack of satisfaction, a sense of the usefulness of the work done. Constant strain, the realization that you hardly have time for anything. Inability to relax even at home, because tomorrow again awaits a pile of unfinished business.

If you learn proper planning, effective time management, the work process will begin to bring pleasure from visible results:

  1. Always make a schedule according to the importance of the tasks. Do the high-priority ones first, the non-urgent but important ones, such as the end-of-month report, a little bit every day.
  2. Keep a diary or put everything in a planner. Don’t forget reminders to accustom yourself to getting things done at the right time.
  3. Do away with unimportant and non-urgent tasks. Get rid of irritants. Take short breaks to rest, but no social media, chat rooms, and so on. This sort of thing often takes hours.

To train yourself to have time to do the right work, use the Eisenhower Matrix and the Pomodoro method. These two time-management techniques help self-actualization as a mid-level worker, as a manager, as a businessman.

Your Perfect Day Technique

This is a simple but effective exercise. It requires only 20-40 minutes of free time and a notebook or diary:

  1. Close your eyes and fantasize about your ideal daily routine.
  2. You can write as many as 1 page or as many as 10.
  3. You don’t need to write the time. You need to write exactly what you want and what your goals are.
  4. Unrealistic fictions like telekinesis and superpowers.
  5. Reread what you have written, highlighting the things and things you would like to see in your ideal day.

Try to start right from tomorrow morning to slowly implement each one. Look at what you’ve written each week and mark what you’ve accomplished, add new tasks to your schedule. This will slowly get you closer to your cherished perfect day.

Your Perfect Day Technique Video


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